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How to Read Your Cable Invoice
Invoice Cable
  • Article ID: 143016
  • Last modified date: March 5, 2013 17:03


You will be billed for your cable Internet service by your cable provider. You will only receive an invoice from EarthLink if you subscribe to additional EarthLink services. If you have a question about a bill you received from your cable provider, click here for their contact information.  

For information about the items that have appeared on your EarthLink invoice, hover over the blue text with your mouse. For example, if you are uncertain about what the "QTY" column is used for, place your mouse over the word "QTY" displayed below and a menu will display information about what the "QTY" column is. Continue doing so with the rest of the items. If you have further questions, go to the Billing FAQ site for more information.

Disclaimer: The following invoice may display charges that did not appear on your original invoice. This invoice was created as an example to explain several types of line items customers might see on their invoices. Please use it for your information only and not for price differentiation of your services.



Remit To                                                      Account Number:  
                                                                       Page: 1
Earthlink, Inc.                                               Invoice Number:
P.O. Box 790216                                         Billing Date:    01/18/08
St. Louis, MO 63179-0126
                                                                        Previous Balance:      26.26
                                                                        Balance Due:                 0.00
Bill To                                                             New Charges:             22.76
Your Name
Your Street
Your Unit
City, State Zip

Date     Description                                                 QTY          Price         Amount
Previous Balance                                                                                            26.26

12/19/07 **REJECTED** VISA                                                                       26.26
12/29/07 Paid by Electronic Check                                                           -20.26CR
                Adjusted Beginning Balance                                                          6.00

username (Your Name)

01/18/08 Jan 18-Feb 17: Norton Security 1.00   6.95    6.95
12/25/07 Dec 25-Jan 17: Extra Mbox (us .77   4.95    3.83
01/18/08 Jan 18-Feb 17: Extra Mbox (us 1.00   4.95    4.95
01/05/08 Jan 5-Jan 17: PC Fine Tune .42   4.95    2.08
01/18/08 Jan 18-Feb 17: PC Fine Tune 1.00   4.95    4.95
  New Charges:     22.76
  BALANCES DUE:        6.00
01/19/08 Paid By Mastercard          -28.76CR
  Remaining Balance Due         0.00


Important: The prorated charges will only appear on your first invoice.


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