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Moving mail from EarthLink Mailbox
Moving mail from EarthLink Mailbox
  • Article ID: 58220
  • Last modified date: July 9, 2010 11:07

This article will show you how to export email from EarthLink Mailbox in a way that you can import it into Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail or other e-mail programs while preserving any images or attachments in individual emails.

This is a very manual process.  If you are moving messages from one computer to another, you will need some form of storage media to move the files over.  This can be an external hard drive, CD, DVD, or USB memory stick.

How to Copy Mail from TA Mailbox to Outlook Express/Windows Live Mail/Vista Mail/Windows 7 Live Mail

Open EarthLink Mailbox and click on the Inbox


Manually select a group of messages you would like to save.  We recommend you select no more than 20 messages at a time for this process.  You can click the top most one and then hold down the Shift key while clicking the bottommost one to select multiple messages in one move.  


RIGHT click on the selected messages and choose the FORWARD option. An email will be created with the messages you selected showing as attachments. Enter a name for the message in the SUBJECT line (this step MUST be done).


Close the message without sending it - it will ask if you would like to save it to drafts - choose YES.


Find the E-mail in your Drafts folder and click on it once to highlight it, but don't open it up in a second window by double clicking on it.


On the EarthLink Mailbox Menu Bar, select File then Save As. In the Save window, change the file type to .EML, give the file a name and save it to your Desktop or to a folder of your choosing.


Repeat steps 2 through 6 until you have saved all of the emails you want to move over.


If you need to move the files over to another computer, you will need to either burn the file/s on your old computer to a disk or move it over to the other computer using a USB Flash device.


Once the file/s are on the computer you wish to move it to, open Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail on the same computer and drag the .EML files you created to the Inbox of your new E-mail program.


You will see the messages in your E-mail program’s Inbox.  Double click on a message to open it up in its own window. 


Highlight all of the attachments in the message by clicking on the topmost one, then scrolling to the bottom of the list and clicking the last attachment while holding down the SHIFT key.


With the left mouse button, drag the attachments to your E-mail program’s Inbox just like you did previously.  This will recreate all of the individual emails in your Inbox.


You may now delete the opened E-mail if you like as you have individual copies of the Emails in your Inbox.


Repeat these steps until all mail is moved to your new E-mail program.

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