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Home Networking (Cable & DSL) FAQ
Home Networking
  • Article ID: 143133
  • Last modified date: July 22, 2015 21:07

EarthLink Home Networking is a way to link and protect computers and peripherals (such as printers, scanners, and disk drives) in your home. It allows you to swap files among your computers, share one printer, and access the Internet at high speed from multiple locations. We combine this flexibility with a tech-supported firewall to hide your computer from Internet intruders, and a wireless encryption system to protect your network from unauthorized wireless access. To get the Home Networking service, visit EarthLink Home Networking or MyAccount.

Home Networking FAQ
Setup and Troubleshooting
General FAQs
Billing FAQs
Setup and Troubleshooting
How do I setup my Cable or DSL modem for Home Networking?

Choose the type of Home Networking connection you are trying to setup below:

Wireless Home Networking

Ethernet Home Networking

PowerLine Home Networking

How can I fix the connection problems I'm having with my Home Networking system?

If you are having trouble connecting to the Internet through your Home Networking system, try fixing your problems with the steps provided in one of the articles below:



General FAQs
Is it easy to install?

Today's home networking technology is easy to install. There is no new wiring required, and most applications require one gateway to a high-speed Internet connection and adapters for each electronic device on the network.

How many computers can be set up on Home Networking?

EarthLink supports up to 4 computers on its network. However, a customer can network up to 254 computers on their own. The customer will simply need the proper amount of networking equipment.

How much will it cost?

EarthLink Home Networking is $7.95/mo. in addition to your High Speed Internet monthly access fee.
Canceling EarthLink Home Networking service before the initial 12-month term of agreement ends will result in a cancellation fee of $48.

The Linksys wireless router and card/adapter is free after mail-in rebate. Wireless, Ethernet, and Powerline adapters range from $29.95 to $79.95.

How fast is it?

802.11n wireless has data transmission rates up to 54 Mbps. Powerline networking transmits at speeds up to 14 Mbps. Ethernet transmits up to 100 Mbps. Remember that maximum speed may be affected by Radio Frequency (RF) interference, bad cabling, and other types of interference.

What are the benefits?

The benefits for Home Networking are great. You can save money and time with a home network by sharing peripherals; such as printers, scanners, and your Internet connection. You can increase and manage communication within your home by file swapping, sharing, and routing e-mail, phone, and fax messages. Finally, you can enhance your lifestyle by enjoying new forms of information throughout your home. You can also save everyone the headache of waiting to use the Internet. With a home network, everyone can browse the Web at the same time.

Will it slow down my existing DSL connection?

No, the connection remains the same.

What is better, wired or wireless?

It depends on your needs. With a wired connection, the speed of the Internet connection is faster; however, there is more restriction. You and your computer or device must always be connected to the Internet via an Ethernet cord in order to maintain an Internet connection. With a wireless connection, you have more portability; however, the possibility of interference from other devices is higher--which can prevent you from maintaining a connection. If you live in a place that may experience a lot of disturbance from interfering devices, then it would be best to go with a wired connection through Ethernet or Powerline.

What is the warranty on the equipment?

The equipment comes with a 1-year warranty.

Will I need to buy another modem?

No, you can still use your existing modem to connect to the Linksys router. The only items that you will need to purchase are wireless or Powerline adapters for your computers.

Is there any downtime?

No. If you are already up and running on DSL or Cable, it will be a short process to connect the router to your computers and configure it. There is no interruption of service.

Can I find the router in the store?

Yes, but we have competitive pricing and we have a 60-day return policy for defective equipment. If a product is found to be defective, we will ship our replacement products free of charge and have sales consultants to make sure you have the products you need to get connected.

When will I receive my Home Networking equipment?

From the point of sale, you should receive your equipment within 5-7 business days.

Billing FAQs
When will I be charged for Home Networking?

Generally, you will not be billed for your equipment or undergo a recurring monthly service fee until your service is activated.

What is the exchange policy for Home Networking? For example, if I was sent the incorrect equipment, will EarthLink exchange it?

If you received the incorrect hardware, EarthLink will exchange your equipment at no charge to you. Click here to chat with one of EarthLink's representatives or contact EarthLink's customer support.

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